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  • Business Name: Centro Internacional de Inversiones S.A.
  • Trade Name: El Arreo

Overview of the Company

Centro Internacional de Inversiones, S.A. identified by the abbreviation C.I.I.S.A., started its operation in 1969 with the initiative of Jack Taylor and Jimmy Hans. In 1972, the construction of our own facility began in Heredia, where, concurrently, the exportation of beef is also processed for the local market. In 1977, our company began to become part of the Costa Ricans with a family natured management under the name of Centro Internacional de Inversiones S.A.  Currently, it is dedicated to the slaughtering and deboning of pig and cattle for exportation and local consumption. We have a distribution network of fresh and frozen products for market and local consumption, while also expanding in the production of value-added products such as tacos, burritos, empanadas and pizzas, among others, with a great emphasis on quality, research and development for producing the best products on the market.


  • Beef: production and distribution of meat products for exportation and local consumption.
  • Pork: production and distribution of pork products for exportation and local consumption.
  • Frozen products: production and distribution of frozen ready to eat "snacks," offering practicality and time saving to Costa Rican families.

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